Thermal Springs

Travel with us by our own chartered helicopter to natural thermal springs in Nenets Autonomous Region and visit prehistoric paintings

Experience Natural Beauty

Visit the Pym-va-Shor thermal springs, located beyond the Arctic Circle in the Far North of Russia

The thermal springs of Pym-va-Shor are located in the vast basin of the Adzwa River on the border of the Republic of Komi and the Nenets Autonomous Region. It’s a huge open-air healing bath. The Pym-va-Shor is the only hot spring in the Far North beyond the Arctic Circle, including Europe. Scientists attribute this miracle to nature by the presence of an underground volcanic hearth that emerged several million years ago, at the end of the tertiary period, and has been slowly cooling since.

These springs are located 140 kilometers west of the city of Vorkuta. An impromptu bath is organized at the source, the water temperature is 18-28 degrees. The water is considered medicinal: for a long time, reindeer herders have used it to treat skin diseases, skin diseases, lung and stomach diseases.

In the rocky limestone outcrop there is a karst cave, previously used by the Nenets nomads as a sacrificial site – the ancient Samoyed temple of Khemyat-Peen-Zi, an archaeological site of the late Paleolithic age.

Tour Programme

Action-packed 1-day adventure with a group of adventurists on a helicopter

Thermal Springs

  • The program includes a walk along a picturesque rocky stream, a visit to a cave.
  • Cooking food on a campfire and a primus stove.
  • Swimming in the thermal spring Pym-va-Shor (hot water stream), visiting the grottoes and visiting the ancient Samoyed temple, walking to the beautiful rocky canyon – Dorshor (Stone Forest)

Vorkutka (optional- paid)

One-day tour of Vorkuta city and it’s surroundings.

From 32,000 RUB Per Person

Price is valid for a group of 16 people. A small group will have higher pricing. The price includes helicopter rental, equipment rental, meals, instructor escort.

Excursions in Vorkuta city start at 1800 / RUB per hour (for a group of 2-3 people) or 2100 RUB  for a group of 5-10 people. Usually in the city a typical tour lasts 2 hours.

Tour Dates – 2021

25 July       –  1 to 3 persons availability

August 15  –  Group bookings available

August 21  –  Group bookings available

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