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Native English UK, is a flexible English language school for children and adults, focusing on teaching English as a native language, as opposed to teaching as a foreign language. We use authentic teaching materials from the United Kingdom and every lesson is custom developed for our learners. 

One of our recent projects involved teaching English methodology in Dagestan and Derbent to Russian state schools, at the Russian Parliament’s (Duma) request. Both Of these regions are located in the south of Russia. 

In the recent past, we successfully created Banking services for Sberbank of Russia – Sberbank Expats Service

Focus on skills – not certificate

Many people believe that by achieving a “certificate” or by completing “a course” in English, they can benchmark themselves as a “certified or proficient English user”. This however is a myth, and in reality almost never works. Because language is a skill “learnt by your brain” for performing communication. Certificates and courses can be outdated, skills will never be!

Therefore, we identify problem areas of the student and work on improving the skills in that identified area. As we always say, repetition is the mother of skill!

Actual Material

Unlike books, lesson are constructed from actual materials such as BBC Learning English, New York Times, amongst others

Custom built

Every single lesson is custom built for the student; be it a child, classroom or adult. The lessons are unique and interactive.

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No “Book Completion” Syndrome

Unlike most schools which focus on following a “prescribed book or workbook” we don’t follow any course book at all, instead we follow a curriculum and learning objectives, which are set both by learner agreement and UK school curriculum. We believe that every student should be able to think and complete the tasks independently, because that’s how our brain works. When you’re doing independent practice of the language, is the time when you learn.

Real Result

With relavency of materials along with close tutor support and combined hardwork, the results are guaranteed.

Develop Skills

We empower each student to attain the skills they need for succeding in English, not only for exams but for life.

Digital & Interactive Lessons

Using the latest education tools such as Google Arts & Culture, Microsoft for Education along with Oxford Owl, each student is taught using interactive lesson materials, which are engaging and knowledge packed.


We are officially licensed by Google for Education for their education suite. Therefore our lessons are delivered on Google Classroom.


Lessons are delivered both in-person (classroom taught) and online using Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, along with Google Jamboard for maintaining interactivity during lessons.

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Education Materials from the UK

Working in close partnerships with several UK education organisations and institutions, all our materials are exclusively from the UK and are original. Most materials are digital and interactive, which provide an immersive learning environment.

UK School CUrriculum

We use structure our lessons in accordance to by UK National Curriculum.

New lessons

There is no lesson repetition. Each lesson is custom built with interactive material. We never teach the same again,

Lessons by age group

The lessons are structured according the age group. Whilst the lesson format remains the same, some materials are adjusted.


Every single student has to complete their assignments using Google Classroom, where they given feedback on improvement.

Focus on speaking

Student are encouraged to speak in every lesson and in assignment tasks. This improves their fluency.

International Exams

In addition, we prepare students for OET, IELTS, ЕГЭ and TOEFL exams

Our Classroom Portal


Our full curriculum, teaching methology, lesson format and education resources are located on our classroom portal.

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Still not convinced?

If you’re still not convinced by our education and teaching quality, have a look at what people have to say!

Instagram: @ollokrsk Друзья-карантинщики, как считаете,
изоляция – ограничение или возможность?
Я не из тех, кто ждёт, что вот, сейчас закончится карантин и всё станет, как прежде. …+







Olga L.

Executive Management - Moscow, Bank in Russia

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Adventure & Travel

At we are not only passionate about learning English, but also implementing it in our travels across the Russian Federation. Our tour guide, Joshua Levy, has extensive travel history and experience across Russia. We are looking forwards in welcoming you on our first tour very soon. 

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