“Our students are taught according to the UK education system, which is mapped to the international system – CEFR”

Joshua Levy

For students wishing to compare the Russian education system –ЕГЭ comes at AS level, whereas ОГЭ comes at GCSE level. However, for internationally accepted examinations, students must be at A2 level or equivalent to successfully obtain good grades.

What are “good grades” – This is a matter of academic judgement; however commonly accepted scores are 7.5 for IELTS or 100 for TOEFL overall.

From the start, our students are trained to improve their skills and not just learn the question format. This encourages independent thinking and critical self-evaluation process, which is essential for proficient user of English language.

One of the most important difference is that, there are no ESL books used for teaching English. Instead, teachers work towards LO (Learning Outcomes) and EO (Expected Outcomes) towards the end of the academic year. Every teacher is permitted to create their own and independent lesson plans and resources, as long as the LO and EO’s are met, which are assessed by exams.

CEFR Mapping

The following chart explains the education system mapping according to UK and International Standards, including IELTS.